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Far West, Inc. Introduces Automated Flaggers for Traffic Control

Far West, Inc. has begun introducing the use of Automated Traffic control trailers in an effort to make work zones safer for flaggers, workers, and motorists while cutting the costs of a daily flagging detail in half.

Known as "Automated Flagging Assistance Devices" (AFADs) the AFAD trailers enable one person to control two-way traffic by remote control. This accomplishes two things-first, it reduces the need for flaggers by half, and second for DOT /construction worker, it frees up one person who would otherwise be flagging to join the work activity and third, the operator can stand completely out of traffic, thereby greatly reducing the risk of injury.

Far West Inc. is the exclusive distributor for the Automated Flagger the AF-100. The AFAD comes with a loud warning horn to warn worker and motorists alike that someone has violated the work zone. The AFAD is also equipment with a telescoping mast, up to 10 feet in height for greater visability. Twelve inch round diameter LED signal lights that can be seen over a mile away. The AFAD is equipped with one of longest gate arms in the industry that lowers down over the roadway to control vehicle intrusions into the work zone. The Flagger is solar powered and can last up to ten days before requiring a recharge. It's not only "green "but saves huge amounts of money by not having to pay for high fuel costs. The remote control also allows the operator the flexibility to move around the area which really improves the operator's morale. In the last ten years in Oregon's work zones alone there have been:

  • 90 Deaths
  • 230 Serious Injuries
  • 2,700 Other Injuries
  • 4,700 Work Zone Related Crashes

Work zones are not "normal "roadway environments, making them potentially dangerous for everyone involved all the time!

The Standard for Safety in Portable Traffic is the ALL NEW AF-100 State of the art; equipped with 21st century electronics and technology.

Over 15 year's research and development and testing.

Approved in 2009 Federal Highway Administration MUTCD manual for all 50 states.

The AF-100 has:

  • Quality Engineering
  • Heavy duty axles & tires
  • Cadillac construction
  • meets all government & Industry codes

Saves Lives, Time, Money

As we work to eliminate drunk driving, and other causes of work zone fatalities and injuries, contractors and municipalities should use mechanical flaggers to keep human flaggers alive. See us on the net at

For more information you may contact Lew Cochran at 503-430-1407 or e-mail

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