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The Automate Flagger AF-100 is a Red/Yellow Lens device that meets the 2009 Federal Highway Administration MUTCD Section 6E.04 specification. The device can be used in a Single or Two Trailer operation.

Work Zones are Dangerous

Inches from Disaster

According to the Federal Highway Administration there were 40,000 accidents and 845 fatalities in highway work zones in 2007. Traditional human flaggers are often the victim and/or the cause of these accidents.

The Automated Flagger removes human flaggers from the roadway, and can be operated by a single person.

The combination of Red/Yellow Signal Lights and Gate Arm offers the highest visibility option for traffic.

With redundant controls and an electronic conflict monitor, the AF-100 system reduces the human error that in the past has been the cause of crashes.

Can you afford the cost and liability of human flaggers?


AutoFlagger Overview

Typical Trailer Operation
Typical Applications Include:

  • Water Line Installation / Repair
  • Power Line Installation / Repair
  • Tree Trimming
  • Highway Construction
  • Haul Roads
  • Pedestrial Crossings


"Benefits include cost, dependability, immune to bad weather (hot, cold, wind, rain), no need for breaks or worker rotation, removes personnel from dangerous flagger zone, more visible than human flagger. Additionally, drivers appear to respect the AFAD more than a human flagger. ...cost savings of $100,000 per year."
Christopher L. Pendergrah, PE
"...Provide(s) what we believe to be a safer two-lane, one-way operation..."
Meredith McDiarmid, PE
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