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Far West, Inc. Auto Flagger Offers Outstanding Value

Questions, Answers, and Information

Can the Auto Flagger Communicate Better and Command More Respect Than a Flagger With Paddles?

YES - The Auto Flagger stands 13 feet tall and comes with a large, bright L.E.D. signal lights and back plate for easy visibility and compliance by the motorists because they acquaint this to a stop light.

The Red and yellow signal heads and gate arms are more conspicuous and physically much larger than a human flagger. A Minnesota study showed that motorists give Automated Flaggers more respect than they do a human flagger.

Can the Automated Flagger/Operator Be Out of Harms Way?

YES - by employing the wireless handheld remote control devise, the operator has freedom of movement about the work zone. It takes the operator out of the roadway and they can choose a point from which to operate the AFADs which has good visibility and gives them full mobility to move about the work zone.

Will the Operator/Flagger Be Able to Warn the Crew of Danger?

YES - The operator can trigger 125 decibel sirens/horns on both AFADs at each end of the work zone by pressing the panic button on the remote controller if a motorist takes inappropriate action. The sirens alert both workers and motorists that an event has occurred which may require evasive actions by workers.

Can One Operator Transport, Setup and Operate the AFADs?

YES - The Automated Flagger is designed so that two AFAD trailers, lock tightly together, allowing the nested pair of AFADs to be towed as a single trailer. The Operator can tow both AFADs to and from the work zone, set them up and operate them without assistance. The AF-100 Automated Flagger allows you to do more with less!

Can One Operator Safely Control Work Zone Traffic Flow?

YES - The FHWA says that the maximum distance between two AFADs controlling opposing directions of traffic should be 1,000 feet, unless a longer distance is justified by an engineering study. The AF-100 has a powerful radio that reliably communicates in distances well in excess of over 1,500 feet. The handheld remote controller has a number of features designed to prevent operator error in controlling work zone traffic. When the controller sends a signal to the AUTOMATED FLAGGERS to change directions, the AFADs send a confirmation back to the master controller once the change has taken place making it impossible to have opposing traffic in the work zone at the same time. There is also a visual confirmation on the back of each AUTOMATED FLAGGER for the operator. In the event a conflict develops, both Automated Flaggers signals default to "STOP" and the gate arms descend over the roadway. The AUTOMATED FLAGGER gate arms do not descend until at least 5 second delay after the RED signal light is activated to minimize the chance the arm will descend while a vehicle is in its path.

Are My Automated Flaggers Immune to Electronic Interference From Cell Phones or 2-Way Radios?

The Automated Flagger communication system uses 900 megahertz spread-spectrum technology employing different levels of security to prevent spurious signals from interfering with safe SIGNAL (AFAD) operation. No special FCC licenses are required to operate the AF-100 AUTOMATED FLAGGER.

Can I Use One Automated Flagger Device With One Human Flagger?

YES - You can use one human flagger & one AFAD on one work zone while using another human flagger & AFAD in another work zone, increasing your productivity by 50%.

Alternatively, you can use two AFADs with one human operator in one work zone using the extra worker/flagger for other jobs increasing your skilled work force more efficiently.

What Maintance Will My Automated Flagger Require?

The Automated Flagger comes with a one-year warranty and is designed to be virtually maintenance free (except for batteries and tires). It has features like durable jack stands to stabilize the trailers, tail lights are encased to prevent damage, and breakaway gate arms to prevent damage in case of vehicle contact and easy replaceable modular fenders, plus a heavy steel damage-resistant frame.

Is the Automated Flagger Easy to Use?

YES - It's so easy and user-friendly, especially for older workers. Only 3-button operation on remote control makes operation a breeze.

Do You Provide Training for the Automated Flagger?

YES - We provide mandatory training classes for the Automated Flaggers. We will even come out to your job site and assist your operators and train and answer all their questions till your operators are comfortable with the new AFADs.

They will receive a wall certificate and wallet card certifying them as a qualified AFAD operator. (In most jurisdictions you also need to be a certified flagger, in order to operate the AFADs.)

Are Automated Flaggers Expensive to Lease?

NO - Two AFADs cost less to operate than one human flagger. There is no overtime to pay (time & a half). Plus, no workers comp premiums, no state & federal taxes to pay, no health insurance to pay, no retirement or 401Ks to pay, 50% less injuries & fatalities in the work zones, and less medical claims and litigation and lawsuits. Use second flagger for other duties. Increases your bottom line profits AND retains jobs.

Designed for minimum maintenance, and last but not least, you can split the pair of AFADs up and use them on two different work zones, increasing your profits and use of manpower by 50%.

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